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Kirschvanille is German for ‘cherry vanilla’, and I don’t know why I chose that to be the name of my journal back in 2005, but I like it and it fits. This fanfiction journal belongs to Kitana (kitanabychoice), and inside will be fanfiction of all ratings and themes.

This journal will mostly house slash/yaoi fanfiction, so if you don’t like the idea of two men in romantic and/or sexual situations, you probably won’t feel comfortable reading the majority of my works. There will be sprinklings of femmeslash/yuri and het, but it’s really few and far in between. Not because I don’t like it, no, but because I have a hard time finding yuri and het pairings I can enjoy unabashedly.

A lot of my fanfiction is for adults only. There are, more often than not, situations with dubiously consensual sex, incest, bdsm, violence, and multiple partners. If that didn’t scare you off, I can now say that there are fluffy things too. =D Still, please don’t read anything you’re uncomfortable with. Everything is tagged and labeled according to fandom and pairing.

However, I will repeat: The large majority of fanfiction within is NC-17. If you're under 18, please do not read, or at least don't tell me how old you are somehow. I am not looking to lock this place down or get banhammered. Thank you. Moving on.

The fandoms I currently write in are: Supernatural, D.Gray-man and Final Fantasy VII (again, hahaha).

Other fanfics of mine can be found at:

There is also a mirror version of Kirschvanille at Dreamwidth.

General Disclaimer: 99.9% of the characters written about within these pages do not belong to me. No money is being made off of the portrayals of these characters. I write purely for the love of writing, nothing more.

The Fan/Fandom Creed. I live by it.

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